3 Reasons Why Being Sustainable is Challenging

99% of the world thinks it’s hard, so you are most likely, not alone. But that does not mean we can’t flip the scale.


2021-05-17 3 min read

1. Sustainability is inherently inconvenient

Sustainable actions usually take more time and effort and are more uncomfortable. 

Walking  vs.  Driving
man walking in sidewalk
teal 3-door hatchback on road
Recycling  vs.  Throwing
red yellow and green trash bins
Using fan  vs.  Using AC
black pedestal fan near glass window
rectangular white device

We live in a world that is ever competing for our convenience and comfort. Due to our limited time and attention, we want our tasks to be faster and easier. Why walk when we can use the car? Why use the fan when we can use the aircond? We have implanted convenience and comfort into our DNA.

Here’s the issue. Imagine we are marching happily along the ‘road of progress,’ and suddenly, we meet Mr. Sustainability standing in the middle of the road like a traffic police saying, “Hey, I need you to sacrifice some of your convenience and comfort before I let you move on.” Can we do it? Do we even want to? It won’t be easy.

2. Sustainability requires our commitment 

Sustainability has no clear endpoint. Like being healthy, we don't stop and say, “Alright, that's good enough. I’m done with being healthy.” We’ll keep doing it because we need a healthy body to live. The Earth, which is another body for our survival, will need our long-term care and commitment too.

But yes, making a long-term commitment is hard. It will take a lot of persistence, courage, and sacrifice. In sustainability, you’ll have to keep committing unless you quit. But then, you can’t really quit because of the next reason.

3. Sustainability is the right thing to do 

Sustainability is often the one-size-fits-all solution for environmental issues, which includes reducing our carbon footprint, reducing food waste, and reducing consumption to protect natural habitats.

People are also beginning to value greener actions. Nowadays, we will praise each other for being sustainable, and companies will reward you for your eco-friendly behaviors. “Oh, you brought your own containers? Here’s a dollar discount for your meal!” Globally, we are moving towards a trend where we embrace and prioritize sustainability.

So why is Sustainability so damn hard? Let's add everything up!
Here are three tips on how we can make sustainability easier and make it work.

Sustainability is inherently inconvenient and uncomfortable, but it also needs your long-term commitment, which makes things harder. What’s worse? It is the bloody right thing to do! So you sort of have to do it.

But the problem is, we can’t always do what’s ‘right,’ which means a sustainable journey will also be a stressful one. Human beings are not perfect, and there will be times when we will consume, pollute, and destroy. It is an inevitable part of life. When we fail to do what we are supposed to do and what’s morally correct, stress and tensions will rise. Sustainability is a challenge for a reason. Well, three reasons, in my case. 99% of the world thinks it’s hard, so you are most likely, not alone. But that does not mean we can’t flip the scale.

1. Embrace sustainability as part of your daily life.

Just like exercising, it will be hard, but it will also be rewarding. To be healthy, we have no choice but to make exercise a convenient part of our lives. We need to make sustainability THE convenient choice.

2. Find balance.

You won’t work out 24 hours a day despite it being good for your health. So you shouldn’t put sustainability at the forefront of your mind all the time. Deal with it when it arises. Take it one decision at a time.

Here’s my rule of thumb for sustainability: If what you do help others, do it! If what you do help the world, do it!

3. Understand the challenges, and cut yourself some slack when you make mistakes! Just breathe, relax!

Rome wasn't built in a day. Consistency is key!

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