Can Sustainability Save Money?

A sustainable lifestyle might help you save money!


2021-05-17 1 min read

Has the journey to sustainability been expensive?

Not really!

A sustainable journey inherently means being financially-sustainable as well. What’s the point of embracing sustainability if it will make us go broke? Don’t worry; it won’t! In fact, a sustainable lifestyle can actually save you money!

A sustainable lifestyle involves a few ‘R’s. Here are some ideas on how they can help you save money.


Only buy things you need

Example: By refusing, we will focus on things that we genuinely need that will serve a long-lasting purpose for us, and think twice before spending/consuming.


Reuse what you already have instead of buying new items

Example: We can reuse containers/ glass jars that we find at home to take away food or refill at Zero-Waste Stores, instead of buying new ones.


Reduce your consumption -fashion, food, energy and so on

Example: By embracing ‘Enough,’ we can prevent overconsumption, reduce wastage, and save money.

Fashion: Shop second-hand items/go thrifting = lower prices, save money

Energy: Reduce electricity and water consumption = lower utility bills, save money. Need some tips? Check out: 7 energy-saving tips

Food: Buy just enough food and finishing it = no food waste, optimal spending, save money


Give new purpose to existing items

Example: Get creative with things you have in hand and turn them into something useful instead of buying new ones.

Need some ideas? Check out:

Turning Seatbelts into Pouches and Bags by Biji-biji ethical fashion

Upcycling Old Clothes 


Refill your household items and food at zero-waste stores

Example: When refilling at Zero-Waste Stores, you can refill however much you want based on your budget and needs.

Where are the zero-waste stores? Check out:

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