Event #1

Kitarr Movie Sessions

The event will consist of a movie session and a 30-minute post-movie sharing session. We will share some perspectives about the film that will hopefully help you when you go back to your daily life. Throughout the event, we will have complimentary snacks and drinks. We hope to provide a platform for you, especially the youth, to spend a few hours with good friends or company, to engage in a material that will be educational and inspirational.

Event #2

Kitarr Weekly Online Zoom Meet-and-Greet

Every weekend, we will host a zoom meet-and-greet with community members to chat about a theme revolving around life and the environment.

Leave us a message and we will send you the Zoom link to our event! 

Time is usually 10 AM - 12 PM (Malaysia time).   

Event #3

Private Online Zoom Meetings

We are open to meeting new friends through Zoom. We welcome you to share your ideas with us about sustainability and the environment. 

Leave us a message to schedule a meeting with us!