We offer sustainability talks to help you get started on being more sustainable in life.

Host a session for your team and let us help you get ahead, start living more sustainably, and lead people around you to a more sustainable world.

How To Feel Good And Still Make A Difference For Your Environments
Why Learn About Sustainability? 🌿

Change will naturally be challenging. But you can either face it dreadfully or with a fun, optimistic attitude.

Kitarr’s Sustainability Talk aims to share with you how to feel good while being sustainable and give others a more positive environment to be more sustainable too. You don’t ever have to feel stressed out while embracing sustainability. Plus, a good time can bring people together, and that is its true power.

Sustainability will only get more and more prominent as time goes by. So the sooner you embrace it, the better you are, not just because there's plenty of benefits, but because you can also influence and bring along others to make a difference.

Talk Details

• Suitable for students, working adults, parents, and corporate leaders. No age restrictions.

• Google Meets (No min/max pax)

• 1.5 hours (1-hour sharing, 0.5-hour Q&A)

• Post-sharing PDF summary & group photo

Part 1: Challenges

We will address common problems dealing with sustainability, like lack of confidence, hopelessness, and inconvenience.

Part 2: Mindsets

We will share carefully selected mindsets and to think about sustainability that make it fun, easy, and inspiring.

Part 3: Actions

We will share actionable tips suitable for all ages to help you balance your needs and other's needs and sustain your sustainable actions.


I can make a long list about the quantifiable effect Kitarr has made in my life. But the most valuable thing I learned from Kitarr is to live genuinely and kindly. I try to pick up trash on the road when I see one. I smile at people when I go on a jog. I hug my friends and tell them how much I love them. I started being a vegetarian. I look at my mum and see nothing but gratitude. I don’t know how to quantify these changes but they are real to me. I am more than certain I wouldn’t learn about them if it’s not through the interaction I had with Kitarr. Or more accurately, I wouldn’t think they are worth learning and practicing. The cherry on top of this is the easiness for anyone to be involved. I can just ask my friends to join in and experience it for themselves. The barrier of change is so low that it only requires conversation. That’s the true beauty of it.

Tan Pei Jing, 20, University of British Columbia

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