Our Philosophy

Idea #1

The Environment
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In Kitarr, we don't just talk about the NATURAL environment. We also focus equally on the human-human environments we live in every day – in a family, among friends, in school, in the workplace, in society, on the Internet, and importantly, ourselves.

Environmental issues are very much human problems, and humans will have to do the work eventually. Thus, it is equally important for us to uplift our own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual environments (our mind, body, and soul) and our immediate human-human environments to have more space in our minds, bodies, and souls to support our natural environments.

If humans living on this planet are not well, we cannot honestly do more for our natural environments.

Idea #2

Start Somewhere
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"Start Somewhere” is about having the courage to start on the things that we are passionate about, taking a chance to surpass our comfort zones and boundaries, and solving a monumental problem one small step at a time.

We understand that complex issues are scary, and starting a new change is never easy. But no matter how big or small our ideas, all we need is a little courage, a little faith, and some urgency to start somewhere, anywhere. 

Idea #3

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A big part of Kitarr is being a storyteller and creating our own stories about change and the environment. The goal is to leverage our charisma to inspire our peers to continue the cycle of sharing to form a new norm together.

The main benefit of stories is that they can take the monumental scope of environmental issues and make them specific, personal, and relatable.

Kitarr stories will always be beacon of hope and inspiration, as they documents and highlights a moment in time, where a person has done something meaningful for themselves or the world. We believe we can help shift the narrative on challenging issues, from impossible to possible, when enough stories are shared.

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