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Kitarr Community

Follow us @kitarr.co to join our growing community, where we share stories and ideas about personal growth, sustainability, and the environment. 

Kitarr Movie Sessions

The event will consist of a movie session and a 30-minute post-movie sharing session. We will share some perspectives about the film that will hopefully help you when you go back to your daily life.

Kitarr Sustainability Talks

We offer sustainability talks and coaching sessions for corporates, schools, students, and individuals to help you get started on a more sustainable lifestyle and environment. Send us an email or contact us for more details. 

Kitarr Zoom Meet & Greet

Every weekend, we will host a zoom meet-and-greet with community members to chat about a theme revolving around life and the environment. Drop us a message at Kitarr Instagram and we will send you the Zoom link to our event! Time is usually 10 AM - 12 PM (Malaysia time).   

Kitarr Guides

We provide free guides and resources for you to start somewhere in your sustainability journey. The guides are catered for Malaysians.

Co-create Kitarr with us by checking out our products and services released stage by stage. We currently offer movie tickets to our Kitarr movie sessions and reusable cups for takeaway drinks needs. 

Kitarr Merchandise

The blog journals our perspectives on personal wellbeing, the environment, and life. It’s also our expression of creativity, honesty, and the little things in life.

Kitarr Blog